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Bring your concept and vision to life with compelling imagery

The framework of my process starts with collaboration. Working with each of my clients as an extension of their team to help realize the desired vision through listening, technical expertise, imagination, thoughtful design and creativity.


Visual imagery has always captivated me. I'm driven by my curiosity to seek new ways to elevate and transform imagery to reach its full potential. Evolved from my earliest skills in painting and black and white printing, I compose my final images in photography and retouching with a desire to achieve balance and beauty.


~ John Morgan

John F Morgan, photography
John F Morgan, photography and retouching

“Working with John over the last ten years has been an absolute pleasure. He is a great communicator and his attentiveness to detail shows in his exemplary work. His dedication is evident in the beautiful images I always receive.”

Katie Adler, Adler Grier

Handcrafted Jewelry

Each project has its own distinctive features and elements, making it unique and true to its message.

Specialty Work

Areas of Expertise

JF Morgan retouching, ecommerce photography, best photo projects

Adept at high-volume projects, broad and varied photography across all mediums. 


Provide vibrant, high-resolution images with the required file format from RAW image data, including advanced metadata and keywords.

JF Morgan photography, professional photo retouching, ecommerce product photography services, online photography projects

Highly skilled compositing of imagery to create the best representation of a product or subject for print or digital publication.


Maintaining color accuracy, background changes or extension, crafting shadows, reflections, highlights or other visual elements to complete the illusion of reality.

JF Morgan retouching, photo editing services near me, digital photography, jewelry photographer, great photography projects

Consistent and reliable color management workflow to generate accurate digital files of artwork for museum archives, publications and merchandise.


Color accurate guide prints for prepress communication. Archival custom prints at any size upon request.

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